Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 15.3.10, Afternoon

Shosh B., Ptahya A. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S.

14:30 – No vehicles.

14:40 – We get to the checkpoint parking lot, where an Israeli policeman is standing and talking to the soldiers. As soon as he sees us coming, he says to the soldiers, "MachsomWatch has arrived". We barely get out of the car when he starts checking the vehicle as if eager to find some fault. He asks Nadim why the light and the windows are defective, being simply provocative. He demands to see all the documents including the vehicle licence, to which Nadim yields and shows him everything.

The policeman then asks Nadim to walk with him aside. A few minutes later Nadim returns and asks us to leave the place saying he will explain everything later. After we get out of the checkpoint and go to Beit Furik, Nadim tells us that the policeman said he wouldn't give him a ticket if he took his passengers out of the checkpoint, which was what happened.

Later we get back and ask Nadim to put us down at the square and leave. We continue on foot. At the checkpoint the traffic is thin and flowing. About a quarter of an hour later, we leave and continue on our way back.


When we arrive at Za'tara, we see the same policeman standing there. He has probably seen us and he switches on the ignition, but Nadim continues driving straight ahead through east Ariel, which means entering Ariel in order to avoid him.

We enter Azzun Atme. Closureinfo-icon in effect.