'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sun 28.2.10, Morning

Edna L. and Ditza I. (reporting); Natanya translating

7.20 Azzun Atma. The checkpoint is empty. The soldiers bored and there are no people. It is understandable. Today is Purim and when Israel celebrates the imprisonment of the Palestinians is even tighter. One man comes and goes through. He lives on the other side of the checkpoint. Only those living there are allowed to pass.

8.00 Za'tara. There is only one checking post and fairly many cars. We ask the soldiers about this but we did not have to wait for the answer. Just then it opened.

On our way we counted 24 cars waiting in line and at the continuation of the road to Huwwara there were many cars on their way to the checkpoint.

8.15 Awarta. No trucks. We go to there the soldiers are stationed at the checkpoint and for some reason raised their suspicions about us and they ask for our IDs. But they left us alone when we told them that they had no right to demand our IDs. While we were there one truck went past.

8.25 Beit Furik. All the remains to remind us of the army at this "dangerous" place are not a sentry tower  and an army water tank. The place is deserted. Hee and there a car pops out and goes through without stopping.

8.35 The soldiers responsible for the entrance of cars into Nablus are now next to the parking lot of the past. One car leaving Nablus is carefully checked. All the doors and the baggage compartment are opened. Hostile glances follow us  as we enter the parking lot but no remarks are passed. 

It was there for about 5 minutes after we arrived. Others cars, both entering and exiting Nablus were not checked.

8.50 We leave the checkpoint under driving rain, a real flood and go home.