Reihan, Shaked, Sun 28.2.10, Morning

Hana H., Rutie T.

6:00 Rihan Barta'a checkpoint
Due to the closureinfo-icon there is little activity at the checkpoint. 4 vans wait for workers. A rumor that the Shachak [industrial zone] workers are banned from going to work today was refuted a while later. B. says that a talk with the DCO enabled passage of those working there. People come out of the terminal in a slow pace and in small groups. A pickup truck crosses over in a minute in the direction of the West Bank. A taxi with female students drive through within precisely 10 minutes . At the lower car park area driver E. arrives every so often with a few passengers.

We observe on site pickup trucks with merchandise.
An officer who definds himself as Lefty-settler couldn't help himself and inquired about Edna, who appeared on the TV reality game "The Big Brother." By the gate we meet Sharon, the security manager. We also spoke with some female students while waiting for the completion of  the  inspection of their Taxi. They are on their way to the university in Nablus. They study chemistry, communication, psychology, and nursing. They live in private homes, not in the dorms and no, they are not looking to find husbands there.

6:55 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint 
An adult, a youngster, and three children waiting for the opening of  the gate. Soldiers arrive at precisely 07:00. On the other side of the gate there are about 10 people  waiting by the carousel. there are also a few cars.
There appear to be some sort of hindrance.צילום רותי תובל

At 07:17 the first worker comes out and report of a problem with the computer. A school headmaster who had arrived at 07:07 goes through as well.

At 07:19 a Taxi drives in and in about five minutes all its passengers gather and they set off. Only at 07:21 comes out the second worker from the direction of the West Bank.

At 07:40 the last of the workers come out of inspection; those going into the SeamLine zone are among them, 3 teachers who were late for work and had arrived at the last minute.
Someone says that the soldiers at the checkpoint are "Truly ok". One of them tells us that they are about to go up to the Golan Hights.