'Azzun 'Atma, Mon 8.3.10, Morning

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Zehava G., Yael S., Ariella C. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.



About 50 people on line to exit.  Inspection is rapid, about a minute each. A few minutes later a police car arrived, with a policeman and policewoman who, while seated in the vehicle, signaled to those who’d already been inspected to come over and present their documents for inspection.  In answer to Zehava’s question why the repeated inspection, they replied that the inspection at the checkpoint is for security purposes, and they’re doing a sample check of criminal warrants.

At 07:10 Nina Saba called Yael to tell her that she’s at the northern side of the village, the gate is open and there’s free passage. Five cars waiting at the exit from Nablus.  A soldier, and then the checkpoint commander, asked us to stand behind the position at the entrance to the parking lot.  We tried to argue, but eventually moved.