'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Fri 12.2.10, Morning

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Ofra T., Nilly F., Orit D. and Michal Wiener (reporting); Translator: Louise Levi
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Azzun - A cab driver speaking fluent Hebrew, told us that the army used to enter the village and threaten the people living there. Sometimes they come driving in their Jeeps hooting and making noise. The villagers also suffer from the settlers in Kadum who throw stones at them. He also told us that two weeks ago the army had put up a gate with a lock at the exit towards Israel. They close it at irregular hours and the villagers are not allowed to pass. In many cases the children in the village are caught and accused of throwing stones. The villagers are cut off from their land. At the main entrance to Azun there used to be an additional gate, which had been taken away a few days before our visit. There are two security positions with soldiers watching the village.
The cabdriver, who is the father of ten, told us that when the gate is closed he cannot work and that the village has turned into a prison. For twenty years he had been working at maintenance and as gardener at the pool at Bet Berl. After the intifada he had left.
The marble and ceramics plants are closed since the village is closed. The driver also told us that a few days ago the soldiers said that they had heard of stone throwing in the village. He had tried to convince them that no stone throwing had taken place. The soldiers asked for his I.D. card and then they said: " Take your car and get out of here."  

Azzun Atma (The Tikva Gate) - One car was carefully checked.

The Habla Gate - By mistake we reached the Hable gate after having driven through the plant nurseries. We were lucky to find the gate open. The soldier returned and asked us how we had reached Hable.