Reihan, Shaked, Sat 27.2.10, Morning

Shula N., Noah L. (reporting)
0730 - 0800 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
Strong winds and pouring rain. About six people wishing to cross over into the West Bank wait in front of the inspection cabin exposed to the rain and to the wind like the soldiers guarding them. We inquire and find out that the inspection device is out of order and inspection is done by hands thus taking much longer than usual and according to the soldiers it is impossible to let inside more than one person at a time. By the end of our shift on site all went through.
except for those individual there were no other people who were waiting to cross over.
0810 - 0850 Rihan-Barta'a
Here too traffic is much less than we usually observe. Many taxis wait for passengers that are non existence. Drivers have no explanation as too the low number of passengers today "Maybe the weather" suggests one of them. He points to a younger driver :"Look at him, he has no work, how would he build a house? marry a woman?"
We were surprised to see two young women wearing Jeans and with no cover on their heads rushing to the checkpoint. It turns out that those are students from the village of Kara, holding Israeli I.D cards who also have a passage permit to Jenin.
Passage on both direction appears without delays and so reports those crossing the gatesinfo-icon.