Reihan, Shaked, Tue 16.2.10, Morning

Linda B. and Hana H. (reporting)

06:00 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint 
The checkpoint opened at 05:00. About 30 people went through the terminal and are now waiting for transportation. According to them passage is "ok" and actually the pace of those coming out of the terminal is quick.
A large group of workers return from their night shift in Barta'a, going into the West Bank.
In the enclosed area pickup trucks loaded with merchandise are under inspection and in the lower car park area there 3 more vehicles  loaded with agriculture produce are awaiting inspection.
Going down the sleeveinfo-icon we  observe the tremendous development of the huge park in the heart of the checkpoint.

6:40 - The terminal is quiet, passage is swift and traffic streams along.
Vehicles coming out of inspection inside the enclosed area pick up workers who have been waiting for about 20 minutes.

E. tells us  that until the  road block at the Mevoh Dotan junction the road is open and there are no problems.

6:57 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
The soldiers haven't arrived yet. Then they arrived, armed, and opened the gatesinfo-icon at 7:08.
About 20 people enter from the West Bank and line up in front of the turnstile. The first to come out is a girl, on her way to "Hadassah" hospital. According to Yuval (who arranges transportation for Palestinians going to hospitals)  last time she was delayed at the checkpoint for a long time.
Following the girl, the pace of those going into the SeamLine zone is extremely slow.
Children, students, teacher,s and vehicles that drive them over from the SeamLine zone to the West bank, go through without any inspection and swiftly.
Vehicles from the West Bank begin going into the SeamLine zone only at 7:25. Inspection is quick but drivers are delayed  longer and come out only at 7:40.
Children on their way to school in the West Bank bring over an oil container. They are being inspected and  go through without any problems.