Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.3.10, Morning

Ruti T., Hana H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:05 – Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint
A few people are waiting in the upper parking lot.  We were told that the checkpoint opened at 05:00 and a lot of people had already gone through and continued on their way.  Three tenders are waiting to be checked.  On our way down the sleeveinfo-icon we saw people emerging from the terminal quickly.  They entered in groups and remain inside for only five minutes before coming out.

It is quiet in the terminal.  People coming back from working in Barta'a during the night also disappear into the terminal.  Most people who used to arrive from the West Bank by car had to wait a long time for their cars to be checked in the closed facility and now prefer to go through without their cars   and continue on to Barta'a by transit.
 Cars taking passengers to the West Bank go through quickly and only certificates are checked.

At 06:30 there were three cars waiting to enter the closed vehicle inspection facility.  They drove in at 06:40.

07:00 – Shaked Checkpoint
People enter the inspection room at 07:00 and emerge again at 07:05.  We are told that the checkpoint opened late on several days last week.  About 30 people and five cars arrive from the West bank. 

At 07:03 two cars with workers arriving from the West Bank enter the checkpoint immediately.  Teachers and drivers don't enter the inspection booth and are released in three to four minutes.  The younger and older students go through and only their school bags are checked, but two girls who run ahead are called back to be checked.  Two cars and a transit filled with students arrive from the seamline zone.  They are all released after ten minutes.  Cars arriving from the West bank pass through at the same time.

At 07:30 all the cars from the West Bank have already passed through and only three cars are left waiting to cross to the seamline zone.