'Awarta, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 25.2.10, Afternoon

Macky S., Yaffa W., Amira I. (reporting)

Tanslation: Hanna K.

   Zeita – The eternal earth CP. 

Za'tara – No delays.

Huwwara CP: The soldiers try to push us back from our regular place, but leave us alone when we ask for a decree in writing. There is no delay, no girl dog trainer.  

Awarta CP: There is no delay. In a grove near the CP a few settlers are busy felling trees and loading them. At the shooting range nearby there is today an activity of soldiers shooting at targets. 

The liaison HQ – the DCO (on the way to the village of Awarta): We meet Palestinians who come to request magnetic cards (for residents of Nablus) and authorizations to work in Israel and to support their families legally (a resident of the village of Ourif). The latter is prevented to do so for the last two and a half years, and he doesn't understand why and for what reason. "Prevented for security reasons" he is dismissed time and again. In the past he used to slip over to work in Israel, but now he is wary. He has three children. We gave him Silvia's telephone number. 

Awarta: We didn't succeed establishing contact with our friend, about whom we reported regarding to pogrom which the army carried out in his house in order to guard the religious people who were destroying graves beyond the fence of his garden.  We were offered tea and had a conversation with the owner of the grocery at the entrance the village and waited for the sudden rain shower to pass. He tried to make contact between us and the head of the village, but it was late and the "Baladia" (The town council) was already closed. "They close at 14:00". We received the name and phone number of the new village head. Next time we shall make an appointment with him. 

The village of Odela: We went up by tortuous roads and arrived at the town council of Odela, the village which is between Awarta and Beita. Young men who were nearby asked us suspiciously: "why do you need to see him?" we tried to explain our purpose, and received the details of the village head. But again the head of the village wasn't there anymore. "He went to Burin". We returned to Huwwara via the almond and olive groves. Lupine flowers bloomed among them. Reflections: It is advisable to come to the village with a known address. Our arrival should be known, and there should be a representative like the village head or somebody on his behalf. We are in the stage of establishing connections, and this time we didn't succeed in meeting such people. But the the preparations were made.