Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 2.3.10, Morning

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Netanya G. and Michal T. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


06:45 – The sleeveinfo-icon is almost empty.  Fortunately the last of the workers are going through.  I thought all would be as it usually is on Sundays, but that was not the case. The prisoners' families were waiting under the shed after arriving in three Red Cross busses. 
At 9:30, when we are back, we saw the last of the families get on the busses on the Israeli side.

The city is returning to routine after the Purim holiday and the atmosphere is far from restive.  Children and women with babies walk the streets because they are not allowed to drive. The soldiers from the Border Police's Shimshon brigade patrol but fortunately, do not detain anyone. The settlers behave their usual. 
Next to Beit Hadassah children are guarded and gallop down the Shuhada Street as if they owned the land.
e Pharmacy Checkpoint
Workers from the peace movement told us that they were not allowed to leave their apartments during the Purlim celebrations and that they heard the parade but were unable to see anything. As we know, the parade set out from Kiryat Arba through the Zion Route, which the media still insists is open to Palestinians and continued down the Worshippers' Road to the Patriarchs' Cave. A Palestinian friend told us that she was at the Military Court in Ofer because her son, who is a minor, was arrested for throwing stones. She said that she was helped by women from Machsom Watch and hoped that he is released by Tuesday.  We'll believe it when we see it.

Route 60

it is very foggy today.  The view is much more fitting than the almond blossoms that have just flowered.