'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 28.1.10, Morning

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Esti V., Nava A., (reporting), Translator: Chana S.

  06.25     ‘Azzun.  A short line of Palestinians is waiting to be checked in the net column.  Drivers waiting for workers tell us that at the checkpoint on the other side there is a crowd of hundreds and consequently workers do not reach this checkpoint. 

There is a woman officer and two pleasant women soldiers as well as a military policeman in the cubicle.  The soldiers say that it was decided not to open the checkpoint at 04:00 because by 05.30 they will dehydrated. Now that they open later tremendous pressure builds up at the second checkpoint.  They heard that there had been blows there (Palestinians fighting over places in the line).  They say they don’t determine policy, they report on the situation to their superiors, and express their opinion but do not have much influence.