Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 8.2.10, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A., Yael S. (reporting)

Etzion DCL: this time we started the shift with a visit to Rachel Crossing, wherethe workers returned home this morning at 08:30 because it was impossible topass. Phone calls to the Humanitarian Centre, resulted in a solution towards 09:00. When we arrived the afternoon shift wasalready prepared, there were no Palestinians in either direction, and theMilitary Police were busy with their own affairs, even finding time to explainto us that even the smallest hitch causes a delay in the transit ofPalestinians: if the checking machine doesn’t work, or the palm reader, etc.

After the refreshing explanation, we drove to the DCL.

Immediately four Palestinians came over to us: the Policeman, two blacklisted and one other.

Nir answered the phone and gave explanations regarding all the cases,and the Palestinians got from us telephone numbers and directions on what to doto continue.

Apart from them there were no others – apparently all the requests forpermits had been accepted, and the people were told to come back later becausethere was a problem with the machine.

In the cold afternoon hours whoever came entered immediately, and wecould record again a record speed in the issue of magnetic cards, as someonecame out with a card 15 minutes after parking his car at the DCL.

Apart from a Palestinian who married the daughter of a Jewish mother andMuslim father, living in Beersheba, asking for a residence permit in order tohelp, because mother and child were asthmatic, and he looks after them andwould apparently have to produce documents explaining the circumstances thatrequire him to be in the home of his wife and children – there were no otherrecordable happenings.