'Anabta, Eliyahu Crossing, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 21.12.09, Morning

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Niva D., Nina S., Ronny S. (reporting), Yaffa V. – guest Translator: Louise L.


Agricultural gate (193)

The gatesinfo-icon are locked and between the fences there is a large shielded army vehicle. A jeep arrives and the soldiers open the gates. The workers pass through immediately without being checked by the magnetometer. The Palestinians greet us claiming that today thanks to us the passage is quick. The soldiers are getting organized and start using the magnetometer, which, of course, makes the passage slower. A Palestinian tries to bring through a tool which is used for cutting stone and which he needs for work in his plant nursery. The soldiers refuse. Nina speaks with the district coordinator, but he also thinks that this tool is unnecessary for work in a plant nursery. However, he will check, since Nina asks him to do so. In the meantime the Palestinian gives up and sends the tool back to his village. People tell us that lately they have not been allowed to bring bicycles, which makes things harder for them.  


Ras Attiya

The gate is open and there are no lines in either direction. Our guest, who has been to Tzavta watching the movie about the construction of the fence and the new road in the area, finds it hard to understand the logic of what is going on. We tell her that neither do we understand. 


The Eliyahu Gate

There are still workers waiting to be let through. 

Azun is open. “Shevut Ami” seems abandoned, and we drive on to the Barrel Checkpoint and from there to Anabta.  


Anabta – There are many vehicles, 2 coffee vendors and a small kiosk cart at the junction. We do not stop to find out the reason for the commotion but continue towards the abandoned checkpoint. We do not see any soldiers and the passage is free. I believe that this checkpoint with all its roads, its traffic lights and marking lines might serve as a monument of wasted money and stupidity.

We return to the Jit junction to drive on to Huwwara.