'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 3.2.10, Afternoon

Sara F., Aliyah S. reporting


15:40 Anabta:
    The red light was on but the checkpoint was open and there were no soldiers in sight. The traffic was flowing in both directions smoothly. At the turn to the road to Jubarra we picked up a young woman and an older man. The man had two heavy sacks with him. He said they were his tools and that he is a plasterer. He complained, "I work and work, but I get very little money." He sighed. We took them both to Shufa.

15:55  Jubarra, Border Crossing:
    There were 2 long lines in the lanes going into Israel; we counted 18 vehicles in the lane near us. We went through in the open settlers' lane and had no problem this time.
16:00  Irtach:
    The workers were going through the turnstile and the passage freely; there was no checking. A guard stood on the beam above the hall facing the entrance and watched all the workers going through. As usual, the workers hurried through the hall to get to their rides outside, but 2 workers seemed to be waiting for something or someone in the hall. In sign language I asked if everything was OK, and one gave me a sign that they were fine and we could go.