Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Wed 3.2.10, Afternoon

Yael I., Orit Y., Ruth O. (Reporting)

13:30 – 16:30

The weather was bleak, cold and wet.

At the Sheikh Saed CP no one was seen. People did not cross and the security forces hid from the cold in the watch cubicles.

The road of the Americans was as neglected, dirty and full of holes as usual.

We passed by the Ras El Amud settlement noting the speed of the building of part two. We also noted that the police station is being renovated in order to prepare this building too for new settlers.

We drove in the direction of Maale Adumim and from there to Kedar. Here, like in Beitar Illit where we were last week, the building goes on and the settlement is being enlarged.

At Wadi Nar new road signs have been put up showing in three languages the directions and promising to end the road works by 26.5.2010 (On the day?). At least in the two languages we master, almost every word had a spelling mistake.

There were no lines of cars and here also the CP looked almost deserted. No soldier approached our car although we parked it in the midst of the "military zone". Every body felt cold and wet, so did we and we left soon.