Reihan, Shaked, Sun 24.1.10, Afternoon

Yoheved G., Hana H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Shaked Checkpoint: 14:40 
A truck and a private car drive from the seamline zone to the West Bank and a car from the West Bank drives across quickly to the seamline zone.  The driver passes through the inspection booth.  A car arrives from the seamline zone driving towards the West Bank with women and babies inside.  They wait outside the inspection booth without shelter in the cold wind.  The entire process takes five minutes, but in the morning they undoubtedly have to wait longer.

Reihan Checkpoint – 15:00
Workers begin to pass through returning from work. The parking lot on the Palestinian side is filled with cars, but there are no vehicles with merchandise in the closed inspection facility. There is very little traffic at this hour.  There are two detaineesinfo-icon sitting next to the inspection windows in the terminal who are from Jenin and who came to work in Israel via Jerusalem.

15:15 – The traffic of people coming back is growing heavier.  Women and children laden with packages returning from Jenin together with workers coming from the seamline zone to the West Bank all crows through the turnstile.  Agricultural workers from Tel Mond who came through the crowded checkpoint at Tibeh in the morning are now returning to Yaabed through Reihan.

15:45 – The entrance to the terminal begins to be crowded.  There are 30 people waiting crowded next to the turnstile.  There are also at least 20 people trying to squeeze through the turnstile in the opposite direction coming from Jenin.  People entering the terminal at 15:40 come out at 16:00.  Another window opens in the terminal.

16:00 – there are now 50 people waiting next to the entranced and the turnstile is growing even more crowded.  The two detainees are still waiting to be taken care of.