'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Wed 27.1.10, Afternoon

Aliyah S., Shlomit B., Sharon L. reporting
15:36 Anabta
The checkpoint is unmanned, the vehicles are going through freely. But before the checkpoint by the parked taxis there is an army jeep and a soldier seems to be asking questions of the drivers. As our car turns to leave, the army jeep also goes on its way.

15:47  Jubarra border passage
Nadim, as usual, went into the open lane for the settlers. (In the other lane 5 or 6 vehicles were in line.) This time a woman soldier stopped us. She looked at Nadim and asked him where we were from. Aliyah answered, "From Tel Aviv." She then asked Nadim where he was from; when he answered 'Tira' she asked to see his ID card. I said that we always go through here and perhaps she wants to see our ID cards. She takes all of our cards, and after a minute allows us to go on our way.

16:00 Irtach
The workers are running from the parking lot to the turnstile , but for no purpose because the turnstile is open and not one window is manned; they can go through freely. No waiting line forms. On a balcony above the hall there's a guard directing them where to go through. One worker tells is that in the morning there are difficulties.