'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 7.1.10, Afternoon

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Yehudit L., photographed, Nur B., reporting and photographing, Guests: Tanya and Chris, Belgian journalists, Translator: Judith G.

  'Azzun 'Atma
  16:30At this hour the workers are returning home from their day's work.  Most of the workers work in Israel or in the nearby settlements.  When we arrived, there was a long line but it quickly dissolved.  There were 2 inspection lines.  The workers showed their IDs;  next to the soldier doing the inspection there was another soldier with his weapon aimed toward the line.  A photo is attached. Some confusion was caused by our presence.  An officer arrived in a jeep and claimed that we were disrupting the traffic (while he himself had parked his jeep in the middle of the checkpoint and totally blocked it);  he also claimed that the area was a closed military zone.  We asked him to show us the written command from the General.  There wasn't any.  He called the police.  We waited in vain.  The police never arrived.

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