'Azzun 'Atma, Tue 19.1.10, Morning

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Natalie C., Tom K. (reporting); Natanya translating

7.30 Azzun Atma. There are two lines with about 30 people. The soldiers say that splitting up the line quickens the pace.  ]

In the makeshift line people pass through the gate which is meant for cars, give in their IDs to the woman soldier standing in the booth and around her another two soldiers, and then has to go back and stand behind a stick on the ground which marks the border of the "allowed area" (or the safe area). People standing in front of the stick and even with only one step beyond it are warned by the soldier who keeps on until they go back behind the arbitrary stick. See the photo.

 7.45 The workers are going through pretty quickly but there are people coming up all the time. 12 people at the checkpoint. A soldier asks why we come, what is our aim, how it helps. He says that most of the people in Israel don't care what happens at the checkpoints.

7.50 5 people at the checkpoint.