Deir Sharaf, Wed 6.1.10, Afternoon

Sarah P. Aliya S. (reporting); Guests: Chris (photographer); Tania (journalist); Natanya translating

16.00 Deir Sharaf.  About 30 cars wait in line in the direction of Nablus. When we checked why the traffic was crawling we saw the reason. The cement blocks had been moved into the centre of the road so that only one narrow route was open to cars and so the traffic  could only go in one direction at a time (and not at the same time as had been up to now). The soldiers were directing the traffic . We met a group of activists from the organization "Accompaniers Ecumencial"  who asked us why there was such a long line of cars. We reminded them that two weeks previously a settler had been killed at the place and therefore it seems the road had been "shrunk" into one line. That way the soldiers can see each car which passed. Here too Chris photographed a lot.