Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 21.1.10, Morning

Ora K., Michaelia R. (reporting)

7:00 Zeitim Terminal

Two lanes are open for adult crossing, lines are short and crossing is relatively quick.
The problems are in the third lane, intended for "easy" crossing of children.  Dozens of children crowd the turnstile which opens between long pauses, allowing only one child through each time.  As we saw later, a female soldier who could not bother to perform her task properly is in charge.
The magnometer sounded again and again when I entered.  Scrupulous checks revealed that my shoes had broken into song.  I removed them and crossed barefoot -- not fun on a wintry day.  A. is forbidden to cross at the magnometer.  She was ordered to move aside.  It was a long time before two soldiers, male and female, came up to her and asked several questions.  Meanwhile the crossing of Palestinians slowed down.  A guard arrives and disconnects the magnometer.  One shudders to think what befalls a person without Hebrew in a
similar situation.
8:00  Wadi Nar

A detainee waits in the shelter in the Bethlehem direction.  He will still be sitting there when we leave.

In a hidden corner, between the cliff and the path leading to the pillbox, there is a pile of many license plates, Israeli and Palestinian.  The security forces did not like our interest in the pile, and agreed to say only that the plates were taken from a stolen vehicle.