Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Ras 'Atiya, Mon 28.12.09, Morning

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Frances T (reporting) Rony S.

Guests: Tali and Miriam (in preparation for an academic survey)

06.40 Habla
06.41 The gatesinfo-icon opened a couple of minutes after we arrive, which means there is a line (albeit short) of Palestinians who have been waiting for the opening. There is a problem with the military computers, which causes a further 10-minute delay. After the problem is solved, things start moving.

07.10 Ras-a-Tiya
We are told that the gates were opened at 6.30. There are no lines.

07.30 Eliyahu crossing
There are no workers waiting, just a trickle of people walking behind the wire fence in the direction of the crossing from the direction on Qalqilya.

We go back the way we came and stop off at Irtah where, at 09.40, there is very little to see and the place is almost empty. We note the "welcome" signs by the road how incongruous. We show our guests the facility the efforts at gardening which are shielded from the Palestinians who use the place by enormous concrete blocks, and the overhead guards inside the facility who parade above with their weapons. One of our guests remarks on the similarity to a concentration camp. I tend to agree.