'Azzun 'Atma, Tue 15.12.09, Morning

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Ada H., Elinor D. (reporting), Chana S. translating

    Azzun 'Atma


In the checkpoint itself there are no Palestinians.  Some sit outside, waiting for transport to work in Israel. Two tell us that at the other gate they waited an hour and a half  to exit. They arrived at five and got out finally at 06:30

Army jeep no. 612186 stands next to the checkpoint.  Inside is an officer who looks at us rather scornfully. Two youths wait outside the checkpoint for their documents to be returned to them. They are ‘refused’ and the soldier makes them reenter. From talking with the officer Ada learns (as far as one can rely on the information) that the boy spent five days in Israel, was considered “illegal”  and, therefore, in spite of his permit, he is not allowed out of the village.  One of the youths departed immediately; the other, the rebellious one, remained, shouted and got worked up, but did not succeed.  Meanwhile a group of Palestinians collected to exit the village, which they did one by one, not particularly fast.  In the closed cubicle a woman soldier checks their permits.