Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 13.1.10, Afternoon

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Anina K and Yehudit H.

Translation: Bracha B.A. 

Tayasir Checkpoint
Two soldiers approach and want to know who we are.  Anina converses with them:
Anina: We’re here for you.
Soldier: How is it you’re here for us?
Anina: From what my grandson told me, there can be problems.
Soldier: What problems?
Anina: For instance, if you want to do something good and can’t.
Soldier: Expresses amazement and returns to his post.
Cars come from both directions and all cross after their documents are quickly checked.  Students are coming from Bardala in taxis. All of them get out and pass through the pedestrian checkpoint.Three army jeeps drive through the checkpoint quickly, showing everyone who is in charge.

Hamra Checkpoint
There are new flags of the battalion decorating the checkpoint.  There is a young man next to the holding facility who is being detained.  We hear from his friends that he forgot his ID card.  He was told that he would get through in a short time and after a quarter of an hour he crossed through and left for Jericho with his friends.
Cars are passing through in both directions.  A soldier is pointing his weapon at the people coming through.Women and children are coming out of the checkpoint.  The men are putting their belts back on in the entrance.
We left at 14:30.