'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 31.12.09, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: אסתי ו. ונאוה א. צפתה וצילמה: מרים ש.

Natanya translating

6.35 - Two lines of people waiting, one in the netted sleeveinfo-icon opposite the military police in the booth, in front of the second computer, and the other opposite the open gate where a soldier is making is list on a piece of paper in the shed. Two other soldiers guard those making the lists and the commander joins them "only when there is pressure." She also cannot explain to us the logic of this list because it does not prevent those leaving for Tel Aviv, rather than for the building areas which enclose the seam line zone, from passing.

By the large number of workers going  out each morning for construction work in the settlements, it seems that the building freeze was only temporary or maybe only in the newspapers. The lines are not long but there is no shelter. I wonder what happened yesterday when the rain came down in torrents. Interesting to know if it is possible to bring the model shed from Huwwara to Azzun. 

One of the workers came out very angry. "How is it possible to make peace when the whole time we are ubder stress? Everyone who stands here in the lines each morning will teach his children not to believe the Israelis who promise us alleviations."

Next to the soldiers are a donkey and a detained child. They say that the child was outside the village all night and is being punished. It is not clear what is the donkey's part in this transgression. (Photo attached).