Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 17.1.10, Morning

Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

translated by Naomi S.

So what did we have on this sunny day, preceding the storm?

Workers have already gone through.

Route 60

All along the road traffic was scarce, but bi-national. As schools are shut for the winter-break, no children were seen along the road either.


No detaineesinfo-icon at any CP, all densely manned next to every curve.

This is only apparent quiet, of course. On January 14th 70 olive trees were taken down at Tawani (according to the Maon report). According to the ESM children in "our" Hebron suffered harsh harassment. But none of this was seen on our shift.

On our way back, beyond the Jif grocery (where I bought some local herb, which I then cut and fried) Leah called my attention to the fact that between Sousiya and Maon (two settlements) lighting was set on both sides of the road, explicitly announcing that this all should be seen as a single, annexed piece of land. But the day was beautiful.