Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 14.12.09, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting

Etzion DCL :  The DCL is deserted – two men say they are waiting for Shabak – one in fact had alreadyreceived his ID and was sent back home. He is blacklisted, received a summonsat Allenby for interrogation. It is already some years, so he says, that he hasbeen trying to remove the blacklisting – but he does not succeed.

Another young man arrives for interrogation, first time. He waited from12:00 till 16:00 but, despite many phone calls, he wasn’t called.

A young man came out: he wanted to get a medical pass for his mother,and the soldier told him to return at 17:00 because there is no officer presentto sign the permits. Since it made no sense that there was no accessibleofficer, a quick check with Health ascertained that there was a permit fortomorrow. It took half an hour until Danny said that the soldier had broughthim up six permits for signature.

Another one asked for a medical permit, had a summons – again a checkwith Health Centre, but this time no coordination and the young man had neverreceived a pass. Shlomit thought of calling the hospital to clarify why thesystem did not have an appropriate summons. To me it seemed that this whole storydid not fit the procedures and even if there was a summons, the young man wouldnot receive a pass since he did not meet the criteria: 1. he has no doctor inthe West Bank who has referred him to a Jerusalem hospital; 2. he did not havea diagnosis of illness; and 3. there was no financial commitment.

The rules and laws are tightening up, and the conditions areunequivocal.

 And all that remains for us is to write this report and keep our promiseto the Palestinians – to tell the tale.