Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 24.12.09, Morning

Zipi and Aviva (reporting)

By 6:40 almost all workers have crossed over already. There are no buses awaiting families' prison visits, nor any when we're back. Might it be because the Red Cross is off for the Christmas holidays?Route 60Heavy Palestinian traffic: cars, cyclists, horse-riders and donkeys' carts.From 9 to 9:30am, there's a rolling CP at the Sheeps' Junction. Two soldiers appear to be stopping cars. We saw several jeeps standing on crossroads along the way, stopping no one, but observing and making themselves visible. They weren't there earlier this morning.


We enter through Giva'at Harsina crossing, to avoid prior notification of our visit and Anat Cohen's appearance. At the CP there are no soldiers, and children walk under the gate on their way to school. A track transfers goods back-to-back. Throughout Zone H2 we noticed huge signposts announcing a demonstration against the building freeze (announce by Netanyahu earlier this month, in the occupied territories).
The road descending from the prayers' alley to the Patriarchs' Cave is full of children with their school bags, several high-security, armored military vehicles pass through and heavily-equipped soldiers patrol.
The children pass easily at the Pharmacy CP and at Tarpat CP; soldiers check women's handbags. We went up to Tel Rumeidah to avoid settlers and visited Michael, Zipi's son. We drunk tea in the sun – difficult to believe this quiet beauty right at the heart of the conflict.

At the Patriarchs' Cave CP: no music from the Gutnick House at all, an a group of religious girls descend their bus, about to visit the cave