'Atarot, Qalandiya, Mon 21.12.09, Afternoon

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Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting) 

15:30:  Atarot:  There was no line at the CP.

15:40:  Qalandiya: All the cages in the northern shed were full of people (ca. 60) and the internal passageways were full as well.  The soldier on duty in the booth in the northern shed showed signs that he was paying attention to his surroundings and, at first, opened the carousels permitting entry to the CP every time the internal passageways emptied out.  (Unfortunately, his attention span evaporated very quickly.)

When the wait in the cages began to lengthen, after about a quarter of an hour, we phoned headquarters and called their attention to what was going on.  Very shortly all the carousels opened and all the people entered the CP.  Only one cage in the shed remained active and quickly filled up with 30 new clients.

16:00:  We noticed that the internal lines were not moving at all.  When they once again began to move we decided to get on line as well.  It took us only 5 minutes to pass through the CP to the Jerusalem side, but then it turned out that we were the last to get through and afterwards there was a period of 15 minutes when nothing moved.  Natanya asked two security guards what was causing the delay and they answered, "Who cares, it's only Palestinians."  We could not discover what was causing the problems so that we concluded that it was all the result of indifference and lack of consideration on the part of the soldiers.

Inside the passageway the DCO had hung up many signs inviting the residents of Beit Hanina, Bir Nabala and A-Ram who had lost their security clearance to come to the DCO offices on December 28th between 8:30 AM and 12 Noon.

We went through the CP once again.  The lines had begun to get shorter.  From the southern square we could see that the line of cars at Atarot now reached as far as the turn in the road.

17:05:  There were no more lines at Qalandiya CP.  We left to return to Jerusalem.  At Lil/Jabba CP the line of 12 cars was moving slowly.  There was no line at Hizmeh.

18:10:  I passed through Atarot on my way to Tel Aviv.  There was no line of cars..