'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 11.11.09, Morning

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Miki P., Daliah V., Nurit V.L. (reporting), Translator: Judith G.

Summary:  Complaints about delays in the afternoon at 'Azzun 'Atma;  roadblock of Border Police at the Yizhar crossroad 07:05     Many workers still waiting for their empoyers to collect them.  At the checkpoint itself, only a few individuals going by.  These are the complaints which we heard from the workers:  pressure and delay at the second checkpoint, which necessitate an earlier leaving time;  an additional delay in the afternoon, on the way home, is especially troublesome;  work in the settlements is attended by armed soldiers, which is humiliating.  We checked with the soldiers concerning a complaint that this morning the checkpoint did not open in time, the inspection was slow and they waited a long time.  They all answered that, in fact, they opened the checkpoint on time, at 04:30, and no worker waited more than 5 minutes.  They added that they have no interest in causing delays, in fact it is in their interest that no line is created!  They sounded believable.  It would be a good idea to come sometime at the opening hour in order to observe what happens. 

Note:  the level of anger and frustration is going up.  Some of the workers say openly that they are discouraged, no longer have any hopes from their own authorities, and certainly not from the Israelis.  A solution to their horrible situation and their losing their lands would be found, in their opinion, only in the use of arms!  It would be worthwhile listening to their expressions of pain!