Reihan, Shaked, Wed 9.12.09, Morning

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Vivien S.B., Nava R. (reporting)
 07:30 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
There were close to no people at all waiting at this time of day. Pupils from the Seam Line zone crossed over to their school at Tura in the West Bank.

One man said that his "Tasreech" - passage permit - was taken from him. He has one wife in Daher-el-Melek at the Seam Line zone and a second wife in the West Bank, on the other side of the fence. He crosses over, back and forth,  daily. Authorities do not allowed his wife to move from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone.

Another person told us that he used to work in construction at  the Shaked settlement where he was caught. He resides in Daher el-Malek in the Seam Line zone but is unable to work in Shaked without a special permit.

08:40 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint

Six trucks loaded with vegetables and other goods wait for inspection. Drivers report of an hour of waiting. When we left, an hour later, they were still waiting.

Pedestrians walked quickly through the terminal, but we did observe something odd. One person crossed the terminal in the direction of the West Bank and when he was almost out, the inspector at the booth  called him back and once more inspected the inside of his bag. Later, that person came out.

Yet another person told us
 that his wife from East Barta'a had married him and moved in with him at the West Bank. That woman has an appointment, this week, for a head surgery at the Augusta Victoria hospital in East Jerusalem. Her husband could not attain a permit to escort her. The wife, who was born in Barta'a ,has a passage permit to the Seam Line zone, but her husband can not obtain such a permit.

We've heard a story from a store owner at East Baka (West Bank). He used to purchase merchandise in the village of Kara (Israel). Lately his merchant license was taken from him with the excuse that he was "bannedfor reasons of security", due to stone throwing in Hebron at one time, which he utterly denies.

09:45 - We left with bad feelings.