Qalandiya, Mon 23.11.09, Morning

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Judy o. Maya B.


6:20  we are at  the  CP,  where  the usuall  catastrophy  is  going  on  at  full blast.

Hundreds of people are  pushing,  screaming, swearing,  climbing over each other  ,  and the  Humanitarien  gate  is  equally as  full and  closed.  At  6:30 the first group of  humanitarien  cases is let in.  There are  may be 150  school children  alone as well as  three blind people  a huge number of  old people,  sick children  with cancer,  a lot of  women  etc, etc,  and no one to talk to or  ask  for some  assistance. 

Three police officers,  one  DCO  officer  who  hardly  pays any attention  and a few  security guys  who only  look to intimidate everybody.

We  call the DCO, main  number,   we call the  DCO  office  at  Qalandiya  and  are promised  some  response.  The  problem is  that the  CP is  too small  for the amount of

  people  that try  to go through at the rush hour between  6-8  in the morning.  The police and army men there  just don't care.  At best  they try to educate the  workers not to push and behave like  English gentlemen  in a queu.   There is no attempt to speed up the process,  open  at  5  am  in order to avoid   the  big  crowds  from  gathering  and  they  don't try to listen or help in any way.  It is  heartbreaking.  I saw a mother with a little boy ,who had cancer,   about 4-5  years old  pushing in among the men  because she realized she will never make   it to the hospital in time  in the humanitarien line.I could not get the police/army people to listen and help.

We have to get to speak with the comander of  Qalandiya  or the commander of all the Jerusalem  CPs  in order to try and  solve  this  unneccessary  suffering  that is  caused because of ill will and  carelesness.