Qalandiya, Wed 11.11.09, Afternoon

Ruthie, 3 guests from America, Hanna(reporting) Natanya translating

  A group of young girls whom we met at the checkpoint said of late the soldiers were using the loudspeakers to imitate calls of animalsinfo-icon (such as MIIIIAAAAUUU) when the Palestinians pass through the turnstile to the armoured room. This as been mentioned some days previously and so it does not seem that the young girls were lying.  

I have no more words. Is there anyone reading this report who can pass this disgusting information on?

14.40 The southern part of Qalandiya.  Today a ceremony is being held in Ramallah to commemorate the death of Yasser Arafat. The post closing the circle is not in use.

14.50 The shed is filthy. 3 sleeves are working. At least 20 people in each one. The line leading to the cage lengthens and reaches the middle of the shed. The corn seller has cut the corn into pieces of 2 centimetre ( a sign of the poverty?).

15.00 The northern side is crowded. We went through a way. Filth and much graffiti. The boys at the circle tell of the theft and return of Ronnie's bag. The corn seller asks," If there municipality?" The line of cars to Jerusalem moves slowly. The cars going to Ramallah and the West Bank cut over the circle.

15.40 There are none of the kiosk owners in the shed. "The municipality was here." The owners of the carts and made off so as not to get a fine of 700 - 800  shekel from the inspectors.  Where exactly does the municipal area of Jerusalem end?

15.50 We enter the cage.

15.55 The lines in front of sleeves 2, 3 and 4 are long. I came out of sleeveinfo-icon 3 after 40 minutes. Ruthie took  48 minutes to come through sleeve 2. There people were let in one by one. Suddenly 6 people were allowed through.  The woman soldier shlouted at them to go back to the line and to go through the turnstile again. A young man persuaded the soldier that this was not practical  and so the 6 went through slowly, slowly to the armoured window to show their IDs. Afterwards the young man who organised the line said that he had to go to the DCO offices. The soldier did not let him through sleeve 2. All the people were furious and our 3 guests were horrified,