'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 5.11.09, Afternoon

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Tom K., Ruthie R., Karin L. (reporting)

 Natanya translating.

14.30 Zeita. 
Closed with a mound of rubble.  Two big taxis wait for passengers. On the other side private cars stand at the side of the road of the village.

14.40 Za'tara/Tapuach junction.
About 20 cars wait including trucks. The traffic flows and 3 checking posts are open.

14.50 Huwwara checkpoint.  
A line of cars leaving  Nablus reaches as far as the eye can see. The passage has only one route, the checking is random. In about minutes about 70 cars go through and only two have their papers checked. And in spite of that the line does not shorten and one cannot see the end of it. The DCO representate explains that on Thursday all the students which are studing in Nablus are leaving.
A truck with goods is sent to Awarta.
15.10 Checkpoint of Awarta.
8 trucks and the traffic flows. When we returned after 10 minutes there were 11 trucks.

15.15 Beit Furik. 3 soldiers, no traffic.
15.30 Za'tara/Tapuach checkpoint. The traffic of cars flows.

16.00 Azzun Atma. 
10 young Palestinians who arrived    from their work in Ha'bla waiting to enter the village.
There is only one person checking.  An old man with a donkey  enters after a delay. A tractor which tried to exit is not allowed because he has a generator to take through and his permit is only for goods. (???) Ruthie phones the centre who asks for his ID but we were sorry to say that we were already on our way home.