Reihan, Wed 18.11.09, Morning

Nava R., Chedva H.(reporting)

At first we parked at the upper car park area and then we walked down inside the sleeveinfo-icon to the entrance of the upper terminal, all along under the  eyes of soldiers at their observation posts above us.

From the entrance of the terminal we saw about 10 young Palestinians sitting on the bench opposite the inspection windows. ?They appeared tired and in despair. One of then, speaking English, explained that they all have problems with the "Tasreech" (passage permit), and they have been detained for more than an hour. One of them has been there for five hours. This is quite surprising, since that fellow got there long before the opening of the checkpoint. In just a few moments, as we spoke to that fellow, they were all called to the inspection chambers and we rushed to our car to get down to the Palestinian car park area to watch that group coming out of the terminal on their way to the West Bank. In 5 minutes that ordeal was over.

At the Palestinian car park area, things are as usual, drivers appear bored and idol they hurry towards us happily and as a few young people come out of the terminal they almost fight with each other over passengers.

Traffic of pedestrians on both sides of the gate is rather slow. Those who arrive, enters the terminal and in a matter of seconds are "swallowed" inside. A few vehicles carrying agriculture produce wait in line for inspection and the spirit of the upcoming holiday (next weekend) has yet to be felt.

11:45 - We left.