'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 16.11.09, Morning

Lea R., Anna N. S.

6:10 A'anin CP (agricultural CP)
The CP opened at 05:40. Dozens of farmers have gone through, some on a tractor. Five people who went through changed their minds and decided to go back home. They are worried and ask us if they will be allowed to turn back, and maybe we could ask for them. At last, they take heart and cross the CP in the direction of the soldiers at the other end. They wait like well-behaved children. We pass the CP by one or two steps and a soldier leaves his post and marches toward us with his rifle ready. He warns us impertinently, not to dare to cross the CP and to enter "my territory".

06:30 The CP empties out and we leave.

06:55  Shaked-Tura CP
Six male soldiers and one woman soldier climb up to open the CP. The CP is open for traffic. Passage is quick, with no delays in the pavilion. From the direction of the West Bank about thirty people go through within the next half hour. The first of those leaving is an old shepherd. He ties his donkey to a post, calls to the goats behind him -- a kind of r-r-r-r-r - and they wait for him obediently in their places. He enters for inspection, emerges after a minute and immediately the herd of goats floods the CP. The shepherd pulls his donkey ahead and steps like a conqueror at the head of a parade.
From the direction of the seamline zone, mostly cars and pickup trucks with goods and people go through. The new shed that we see from afar in Daher-el-Malek is for packing coal.

07:30 the first boy and girl students climb up to the CP and behind them at a distance come the little children.

07:40 Reihan-Barta'a
Four pickup trucks loaded with food are at the middle CP, waiting for the documents that they handed over earlier. Ten minutes later they go up for inspection in the new compound.

About seven private cars crowd at the middle CP. Every car that arrives joins the queue until those responsible decide that it is enough, it's crowded. They close the gate of the mobile CP. The drivers wait there for the inspection of their documents. Cars in the direction of the West Bank halt; the passengers get out on the side of the road and wait until the documents are returned and they will be allowed to continue to the West Bank. During all this time, outrageously, Israeli cars go through quickly with a salute at the CP. Israeli time and Palestinian time are not the same.

From the top of the hill above the sleeveinfo-icon to the foot of the three guard posts, one below the other, the soldiers observe what is happening below with their rifles at the ready. There are another two posts "on the ground". Maybe there are some more that we cannot see. So much security is present out here!

In the CP people are going through all the time, especially men, without any delays. There are no queues in the sleeve and they are not kept from leaving. The occupation machine is well-oiled.

08:00 We leave for Jalameh to pick up Aya to take her to the Rambam Hospital.