'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 15.11.09, Morning

Chana H. Ruthi T. (reporting)

05:55 Aanin Checkpoint
Examination of documents takes place beyond the centre gate. Somebody waits for his wife who is being delayed by the soldiers’ position. It evolves that she told the soldiers she was on her way to visit her sister after the death of their sister. Consequently she is deprived of the right to cross at this agricultural crossing. After all each checkpoint has a limited function, and for family visits there are humanityarian crossings, like at Bartaa or Jalame. She should walk to one of them. I try to approach and intervene on her behalf. "Out of here, out of here! I’m the commander here!" We involved the DCO commander at Salem – Lt. Col. Adel, who promised to do something.

06:30 Reihan- Bartaa Checkpoint
Seven vans in the upper parking lot. Perhaps 15 workers waiting for transport. They tell us that the checkpoint opened at 05:00 and there were 200 people at the gate. After a few minutes three Transits, a pickup and a private car moved in to be examined. The dogs are barking. Another pickup moves in. An empty pickup comes through the entry gate to the West Bank in less than a minute. Quiet by the turnstile and in the terminal. Only the echoing voices of the security men and slammed doors. Few coming out. One says that "today we are passing easily."

07:10 Shaked Checkpoint
Crowding by the turnstile. Many women, quiet and sad, passing through the checkpoint. They are on their way to a funeral of the mother of the Head of Council of Um Reihan. Cars come to collect them. Somebody complains that not enough permits were given for participation in the funeral, while another complains that the crossing is especially slow this morning. Again we call Lt. Col Adel. It appears that a DCO officer is in the are specially to make it easier for participants in the funeral, but nothing is being done to make it easier for the workers whose crossing is held up, and they are likely to be late for work. No schoolchildren to be seen this morning and somebody explains that it is Istiklal – Independence Day (?). Someone else denies the existence of such a day, contending that no independence has as yet been given. We did not know about any festival today. Neither have they heard of it at other checkpoints.

We rush to take little Aya and another babyinfo-icon, who are waiting for us at Jalame Checkpoint, to take them to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.