Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 21.10.09, Afternoon

Anina K. and Yehudit H.

13:0 - Tyasir checkpoint
On our way we met pupils on their way home from the direction of Tyasir. At the checkpoint there are cabs that arrived from Tysere, their passengers mostly female students from Bardale. All passengers get off and walk to the pedestrians' inspection point. They come out within two minutes.
The cabs wait for them after completing the inspection at the vehicles inspection post.

13:20  A bus with workers returning home and crossing the checkpoint in the direction of Tyasir. Many of the workers wave at us. Workers in private cars tell us that they work at Moshav Na'ama, spraying and growing herbs. They report of some difficult days when they are delayed for long periods of time. They leave home at 3:30 am. Today is considered a good day, they went through swiftly.

Now, too, they are not delayed and walk through checkpoint quickly on their way home.

14:15 - Hamra checkpoint

Three soldiers are at  the vehicles' inspection post. They inspect every single car-  opening doors and circling the vehicle until they permit it to move on.

The soldiers yell at us, "Who are you?" Following an inquiry, they ask that we stand at a distance from the checkpoint.

Most of those going through are either students or workers. E., a student, tells us that life is bad and difficult. Roads are blocked, there is no work, and no electricity in his place of living.

Cars going to both direction are delayed for more than two minutes.

15:00 - We left.