'Anin, Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 25.10.09, Morning

Hanna H. and Ruthy T.

5:50 A'anin CP
The CP opened at 5:30. Inspection of those entering is carried out inside the CP grounds, on the other side of the interior gate. Our attempt to enter the empty area between the gatesinfo-icon was met by opposition. Those coming out estimate that the number of those waiting to go through to the seamline zone/Israel is between 60 and 100. The rate of passage: ten people in five minutes.

6:20 Reihan-Barta'a CP
Eight Transits are waiting in the upper parking lot for workers from the West Bank. About twenty workers are waiting for their employers' rides or waiting until the cars that brought them will finish being inspected. We see the tops of pickup trucks with goods inside the inspection area. Near the turnstile workers are making fun of a worker who, they say, delayed their emerging from the terminal because he has a tool for cutting roof and floor tiles. And in fact after he came out - the traffic of people flowed more. There is a jolly encounter of those working the night shift and those working the morning shift.
In the center of the CP, at the gate of the entrance to the West Bank, two taxis and two pickup trucks are parked. Women are waiting in the shed that provides shade. The taxi goes through within five minutes after the inspection begins.

At 6:45 the gate of the inspection area opens. Six cars for the workers, and a pickup truck carrying eggs, set off on their way.

7:00 Shaked-Tura CP
The gate is already open. The first people are advancing toward the turnstile. A herd of goats is waiting patiently. A pupil of about 12 goes through without inspection. The teachers arrive in their jalopies on their way to Jenin. The shepherd and his herd go through. Ten little children climb up the hill to the CP and go through without being inspected. At the CP they now give preference to cars going to the West Bank. At 7:20, there are about fifteen  people near the turnstile. Five cars are waiting to go through to the seamline zone. From this side all the cars have already gone through. From the direction of the turnstile we hear nervous yelling. We time the passage: three minutes for the passage of a man through the inspection room. The soldiers examine the documents of girls, pupils aged about 14.

Shortly after 8:00, we arrived at the Jalameh CP to pick up Maya and her mother as well as another woman with a babyinfo-icon. We were surprised to find ourselves in a convoy of private cars that were about to go through to the West Bank. This made it hard to enter the parking lot which was less full this morning.