Reihan, Shaked, Tue 3.11.09, Afternoon

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Neta J.; Reporting: Hassida S.

A shift with no unique events. The occupation is "functioning".

Shaked CP 16:00
A group of soldiers in a windy room are discussing the rules of the CP. Briefing for a new group. During the ten minutes that we spent at the CP there was practically nothing for which it was worthwhile to get out of the car (it was raining). Two Palestinians arrived from the seamline zone and entered the inspection pavilion without any interference from the soldiers. What do they have inside? an x-ray machine? biometric equipment?

Reihan CP 16:25 - 17:45
In the lower parking lot many cars are parked. A. goes round and round to the bridge and back, as usual. There are some people who ask for clothes and there are some who only ask, "Where is Anna?" Warm regards to Tamy from Fatma and her young son, Mahmoud. Employers' cars let workers out at the entrance to the sleeveinfo-icon that leads to the terminal. There was no pressure that would justify a request to open an additional window in the terminal. Still, it seems strange that those who want to enter the terminal and those leaving it have to move through the same turnstile. Why do those leaving have to go through the turnstile after they were inspected inside the terminal? That only slows down the entrance of those returning from a day's work. From time to time a detainee is seated on the bench until they can examine all the details about him. At a certain stage, the woman soldier from "Gesher" asks them to take the three detaineesinfo-icon to be x-rayed.

We saw almost no agricultural workers -- apparently there is no work on the farms when it rains. That is also why the A'anin CP was not opened during the last several days.

A Palestinian complains about the pressure and the rain in the morning. He requests that they open the gatesinfo-icon 20 minutes earlier, that is to say, at 4:40 a.m.; that, according to him would lessen the pressure and the crowding. Another request that definitely seems logical to us: that to protect people from the rain, they should put up a shed near the turnstile at the entrance to the lower parking lot, a shed like the one at the entrance to the upper parking lot.