Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 15.11.09, Morning

Yael Z. and Noga R. (reports)

The CP is very crowded. Tens of Palestinian cars are parked in the improvised parking area, the checking-lane is full, and the prisoners' families are already crowded next to the CP, expecting to pass through. Four buses are due to leave to Ramon prison today, on our way back we saw that they have not yet left. All in all, from what we gathered from the people around, the CP was crowded but otherwise ok. 
Route 60
On the way to Hebron, we notice that a narrow approach road was paved to Bnei Naim, at its northernmost end. 
In Kiryat Arba, development and gardening works are energetically performed by the KKL.
In Hebron we noticed many new graffiti, with the familiar mantras: "Kahane was right", "I buy from Jews only" etc. Also variously shaped and colored Magen-david signs.
Next to the Pharmacy CP and the Patriarchs' tomb, there are many rolling CPs of the police. Later, we figured it had to do with the "Hassidic mega conference" which took place in Hebron over the past weekend, and in honuor of which a huge tent was erected next to the deserted market.
As soon as we entered the city, we recognized that there was no school today. The streets were quite empty. When we asked a bagle-vending girl what was the reason for this, she replied that today was an independence day, but couldn't say who's independence it was, why or what for. Another enquiry clarifies that today's the anniversary of Arafat's declaration of independent, made in Tunis. And in Hebron – not exactly a bastion of Palestinian independence – the day is commemorated as a holiday.