Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Wed 11.11.09, Afternoon

Sarah F., Aliyah S. reporting

Translation: Aliya S.

14:55  Za'tara Junction:

    All traffic was moving smoothly; there were no lines of any length in any direction.

15:15  Huwwara:
There were steady streams of traffic into and out of Nablus; we didn't see any problems. A car with Israeli license plates was stopped and then went into the city after a minute of talking with the soldiers. Even large trucks which are often made to turn back into the city and leave by way of  Awarta, were being allowed to continue on their way. We assumed that they were not carrying any cargo.

15:30  Burin (Yitzhar) Junction:
A military jeep stood by this junction. The four soldiers seemed to be checking cars very randomly. Nadim said there had been a jeep and soldiers there also in the morning. This is somewhat unusual.