Sansana, Mon 9.11.09, Morning

Amanda Y., (Guest), Nurit S., Rachel N., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A. 
05:15: The person in charge of the crossing is here and greets us.  There is no crowding and people are moving.  No one is waiting in line.
05:30: A lot of people arrive and the line grows longer.  Occasionally someone greets the crossing manager and says good morning.
Among those going through there are some who complain that when we are not here, there are problems, and they ask us to come every day.
05:45: A lot of people arrive and the line grows longer, but people are moving through at a reasonable rate and the line is moving. We cannot observe what is going on inside the facility or see how long people have to wait inside, but judging by how fast the last people are moving it appears there's no delay while people are being checked.
While we were there, there was no crowding or pressure.
06:15: On our way out we passed by the checkpoints where vehicles entering Israel are inspected. A female security guard, dog handler, and dog, were checking a transit. I took photographs. A security guard immediately came up to us and asked us not to take pictures. He claimed that there were police orders that forbid taking pictures. We asked to see the orders in writing.