'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 21.10.09, Afternoon

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Aliyah S., Elinor D., Sharon L. (reporting)

 16:25  -  ‘Azzun ‘Atma    The workers are returning from work. Every time a car empties out a long line forms to have their IDs checked.  There are 3 checking the Ids:2 soldiers by the tent, and a girl soldier inside the booth.  

   An elderly man has brought bags of olives on a donkey. He leaves the bags by the fence and goes with the donkey to get more bags of olives. The soldier explains to him that he can take the olives into ‘Azzun ‘Atma (to the olive press) but he can't take the oil out of the village. (Why not? Isn't he permitted to make a living from his own grove?) Meanwhile he goes to get more olives. And more workers return.