'Anin, Reihan, Sun 18.10.09, Afternoon

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H.

A'anin CP - 15:30

In the CP area a Hummer and three command cars are parked and about ten soldiers are dispersed in the area. 25 workers and three tractors are waiting, and go through one by one. There are some who are asked many questions and there are those who go through immediately. The commander told us that they are trying to find out if every person going through to the seamline zone is really going to work in agriculture.
A father told us that they took away his son's permit when he came back late one day, at 17:00. In order to get it bakc he was told to go to the DCO at Salem, but there the permit was not returned.

We left at 16:00 when workers, donkeys and tractors were still coming to the CP from the groves.

Reihan CP - 16:05
In the upper parking lot a group of farm workers is waiting with many packages of edible olives. These are the workers who pick olives, returning to the West Bank after they spent time in Israel and worked in the olive groves of Kibbutz Revivim during the last two months. Soon, they will begin to work at picking oranges in Israeli orange groves. From time to time a car stops and workers who have been working in Israel or in the seamline zone get out. Residents of the seamline zone are also emerging from the sleeveinfo-icon on their way to Jenin.
Most of the workers who are returning from Israel complain about the passage in the morning through the CP at Taibeh (Artach). They say that there is a crowd and a lot of pressure there and people get hurt and scratched.

16:30 - It is 37 degrees in the shade and outside the crowded terminal 50 to 60 people are waiting. But there is only one turnstile open  in both directions and only one window is operating. At 16:40 Yocheved asks them to open another window and within five minutes a second window was indeed opened and the tempo of the passage increased. Inside the terminal six young men are being detained in order to find out about their case. Cars without passengers going through from the seamline zone to the West Bank, go through immediately, after the driver passes his magnetic card.

We left at 17:00 and many workers were still arriving.