'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 20.10.09, Afternoon

Hassida S., Ruti T.

First we brought Ali and his mother to Reihan Checkpoint, then we were early in reaching Aanin (14:50). At this hour two tractors and a number of workers are waiting and remind us that the gate will only open at 15:30. We drove on to Shaked Checkpoint.

15:10 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
The checkpoint is almost deserted. The bored soldiers suggest to us to "come in the morning when there is chaos." Two male soldiers and a female finally show interest in something we said, and they come closer for a conversation. Seems they had never heard of the Green Line. They are interested in the military service of our children. They ask whether we lecture, and one of them notes favorably our members from Kibbutz Hasolelim and Kfar Yehezkel who come on Saturdays.

15:30 Aanin Checkpoint
The gate is already open, but as yet no one enters. Three tractors and about 50 people are waiting. Two white vans from the DCO are in the space between the gatesinfo-icon, in addition to military vehicles. At the right-hand edge of the compound, close to the fence, a sort of flat tent has been erected, new, as yet unused.

Crossing begins at 15:35. Five uniforms receive the comers. A military policewoman checks documents. In front of the gate stands a bearded man, among the workers, with all the green IDs of those seeking to cross, and he calls names in the order of the IDs that he holds. At 16:00, another man holds them., the first having crossed. We count 25 IDs. The crossing takes less than half a minute per person. The last worker passes after quarter of an hour. We enquire whether more workers are still to come according to the lists. "What do you care" is the response of the policewoman.
Four people arrive. A soldier initiates a polite conversation: "Come here, everything okay?" "Praise the Lord," answers the Palestinian; "Evening of roses," wishes the soldier.

Shortly before 16:30, the soldiers go down to lock the interior gates. Doesn’t seem logical that they are locked in reverse order to the entry route. Somebody arrives at the still open gate, but the soldiers do not volunteer to open the interior gates for him. A quarter of an hour of debate over opening, but to no avail. In response to the man’s question, the soldier replies: "No, I have no conscience." Only orders. The man will finally cross at Reihan.

06:15 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
About 20 people in front of the turnstile. Two manned positions inside. Around 17:00 there is no more pressure and one position closes. Workers continue to arrive in small groups and pass immediately. Four cars wait to enter the West Bank. The lower parking lot is full of cars. A visit to the public toilets discovers they are clean, though there is no running water in the basin.