Reihan, Shaked, Wed 7.10.09, Morning

Hedva H., N.(guest, Nava R. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

 07:50 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
There were hardly any people. Within an whole hour only seven crossed over from the Seamline zone and six went through from the West Bank into the Seamline zone.

All those crossing over were give some paper with something written on it in both Hebrew and Arabic. People toss the paper on the ground. We picked one up and the Hebrew version read as follows:

"At this gate one must be strict about reporting entrance and exit from the agriculture area. There is a strict order  not to deviate from the times allowed in your permit".

An elderly man who lives by Abu Shahdi's grocery store, at the SeamLine zone  had told him that he had a permit of a permanent resident of the SeamLine zone, allowing him passage with his vehicle. All of a sudden the permit was taken from him at the checkpoint and he was invited to the Salem DCO, for a talk. He arrived at the DCO at 09:00 o'clock and waited until the afternoon when the head of the DCO Aadel told him that it is known that he owns a house in Aaneen and therefore he is not a resident of the SeamLine zone and he does not deserve such a permit. That person said that the address written in his I.D. card is Um-el-Rihan and that he owns a house in the SeamLine zone. He told Aadel that it is possible for an individual to own two houses. He owns a house on Aaneen that his parents had built for him, but he does not live there. He was told that one of the reasons for the suspect that he wasn't living in the SeamLine zone but in Aaneen was the fact that he crosses the checkpoint too often. In the end the DCO was convinced that he actually did live in the SeamLine zone and the permit was returned to him.

09:00 Rihan-Barta'a
There were no trucks at the car park area, two were under inspection at the inspection post.

A very few pedestrian had gone through .Average passage time was 5-7 minutes.

10:00 We left the checkpoint