'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 5.10.09, Morning

Leah R., Ruti T.

05:50 Anin Checkpoint A growing rubbish dump at the entrance to the CP
(All three pictures were taken at the Anin CP)

We intended to arrive for the opening of the gatesinfo-icon, but at this hour workers are already at the junction. From today the checkpoint is operating under olive picking routine. Opening times: 05:30-07:00 morning, 15:30-16:30 afternoon every day at least during a month, perhaps two, as was explained by a captain who came over to us. He says that they are taking care only to allow agricultural labourers pass: "I will not allow someone in a suit and tie to pass, nor youngsters equipped with baggage for a prolonged stay. That would be a breach of the conditions of passage."

A great many workers, at least a hundred, can be seen behind the middle gate, an unusual sight at this checkpoint. More soldiers than usual on the ground, and a DCO representative, but the transit is slow. Men are required to expose their abdomen, pirouette and roll up their trouser legs to expose socks. Bags are examined. At 06:30 tractors begin to pass. At 07:00 three tractors, one after the other, and there are still a few workers beyond the gate.

07:15 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
About 30 people and five cars are waiting on the other side. The children approach the soldiers and the satchels of the older children are checked. The small ones go through today without a check. Someone comes out and says that there are many people, maybe 100, because there are a lot of new permits. At 07:40 10 people next to the turnstile. Lt. Col. Adel arrives and asks to receive the people who told us of their problems at Aanin Checkpoint. Bedouin children waiting for their school bus

07:50 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
On the upper parking lot seven Transits waiting for passengers. The lower lot is half full. There are no pickups with produce. Four cars wait at the entrance to the examination compound. From time tio time someone arrives at the gate and goes straight in. Ali, the child and his mother, who are travelling with us to Rambam, arrive at 07:52. We meet them up top 12 minutes later. Our acquaintance, A., goes back and forward with his usual speed.