Reihan, Shaked, Wed 14.10.09, Morning

Vivian, S.B, M. (a guest) and Nava R. (reporting)
07:30 Shaked-Tura CP
There are still about thirty people waiting to go through to the gate to the seamline zone.

There were a few problems:

1. A man living in Umm el Reihan in the seamline zone who has chicken coops, came with his wife and brought empty egg trays from the West Bank. That is what he does every few days. A soldier decided not to let him take the trays through, even though the man told him that he does this every few days and that this is his job. The soldier insisted and there was shouting. Only after more than half an hour did the soldier phone the DCO and then he was instructed to let the man take the trays through. The chicken farmer told him that that is the way to provoke a third Intifada.

2. A resident of the seamline zone had a car with which he could go through the CP. He sold his car and bought another one, arranged for the registration of the new car in the Palestinian offices, but for some reason the matter was not arranged with the DCO and he is not allowed to go through with the car. The man was forced to leave his car on the other side of the fence.

3. We visited an olive grove near the CP while the farmer and his family were picking olives. The farmer has a permit to go to his land only for two months and that is not enough for him. In former years he received a permit for four months and then he could take care of the land and the olive trees after the olive-picking was done.

08:45 We left and drove to the Reihan-Barta'a CP.

08:55 Reihan-Barta'a CP
Deserted. There are no people and no cars. The new cafe for the few tradesmen who live on the West Bank and have businesses in East Barta'a in the seamline zone, is not making any money.

09:45 we left the CP.