Reihan, Shaked, Sat 10.10.09, Morning

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Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)

07:00 Reihan CP
The upper parking lot is empty. Three private cars are near the exit post from the seamline zone side. Two cars are waiting at the entrance to the inspection compound.

07:00 "Good morning, the stream is beginning." Those leaving first at 07:10 are satisfied with the procedures.

In the meantime we hear rude yelling at people coming in from the person at the entrance post. Somebody who seems to be responsible passes near us. He hears our complaint on the way somebody is talking to those waiting on the other side of the gate. He agrees with us, and accuses those who are in the queue.

At 07:15 nobody enters and the passages inside the terminal look empty.
One of our acquaintances comes out and claims that the work in the rooms is very slow. Using the machine it is possible to inspect people in pairs, but today they insist on people coming through one by one.
At this time there are people going through in the opposite direction because they worked on the night shift; the person responsible for the CP (the one who talked to us before) opens an additional window which will remain in operation until about 07:50. The stream of people going through increases. We see A. driving back and forth time after time.

There are only a few seamstresses this time; they tell us that inside it is very crowded. Women who work at olive-picking go through with rolls of sacks.
By our timing, it takes a quarter of an hour from going through the yellow gate to exiting the terminal.

07:55 The noise of the slamming doors has stopped, and the terminal seems to be empty.

08:05 In the upper parking lot there are 12 Transits. One of them is waiting for the last passengers. The others - are empty.
The restrooms are clean and there are toilet paper and soap. On the doors of the restrooms there are signs in Hebrew.

08:15 Shaked Gate
Traffic is thin as usual at this time.
A car with sacks of wool (if we understood correctly -- from shearing goats) whose owner cannot transport them because of some problem of registering. We could not understand why there was a problem. What was worse, he wanted to bring home a new washing maching. and they did not agree to let him take it through at Shaked - only at Reihan. The man claimed that driving to Reihan meant an additional NIS300 on the price of the machine. That did not help him. The washing machine returned to Tura, and this was not the first time, with the hope that next time he will have some success.

We suggested that he call the DCO; he said he knows the number. They told him to call back in another ten minutes. In the meantime, somebody arrived in a car and took him away from there. So we left without knowing what happened to the washing machine.

08:50 We left.